The Sinful Ladies Society is a fictional organization based in the fictional town of Sinful, Louisiana that is featured in Louisiana Longshot, a mystery novel by award-winning author, Jana DeLeon.

The SLS was formed after the Vietnam Conflict by five original founding members, two of whom are still alive when the book begins. The SLS membership requirements are as unique as the women running the organization. You must be a woman of at least forty years of age. You must be an old maid, or if widowed, at least ten years have to have passed since your husband’s demise.

The SLS believes that the close proximity of men clouds logical thinking, and the members are big believers in the strength of women and their capabilities as individuals.

Jana DeLeon is not eligible for membership in the SLS as she is happily married, but she is a big advocate for education, financial stability and workplace equality for women.  So many readers contacted her about “joining” the SLS, that she created this website for her readers so they could do just that.

P.S. Married, single and even men are welcome here.  🙂